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BuzCafe Retail Outlets Offering

BuzCafe is a network of retail outlets which accepts Era Swap (ES) and provides exclusive deals for Era Swap community and users can buy and sell services in a Peer to Peer mode by meeting up. BuzCafe provides convenience with its ease of access and local presence. Users can find nearby shops and outlets who accept Era Swap (ES) with available offers and discounts.

BuzCafe Near You : Find Local BuzCafe Outlet near you. Choose from the list of BuzCafe Outlets available in your vicinity with the convenience of shopping locally.

Amazing offers available on BuzCafe for Era Swap Community : BuzCafe helps you discover new hangouts, dine, drink and exchange services just with few clicks, anytime, anywhere!

Welcome To The Network Of Retail Outlets : Now Buy and Sell anything locally in your nearest Buzcafe Outlets empowering both Buyers and Shop Owners.

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How It Works?

List your Local Stores

Get your local merchant stores listed on BuzCafe Retail Outlets Network conveniently where you visit regularly like restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, retail shops, outlets, stores, groceries, etc.

Explore & Buy

Now, once your favorite hangouts get listed, start exchanging services or buying conveniently at these BuzCafe retail outlets on a daily basis through Era Swap utility exclusively for the Era Swap community members

Expand & Enjoy

Expand the userbase by introducing more merchant shops and users both to BuzCafe retail outlet network, of your locality as well as the new places you visit. If you identify any outlet which can be added, just get them added and start with BuzCafe

Key Features

Exclusive Deals

Users will be able to see nearby outlets who accept Era Swap (ES) with exclusive offers and discounts

Single Sign-On

Era Swap (ES) users can log in to BuzCafe through single sign-on via Era Swap Life on any of the platform of ESE.

Network of Outlets

BuzCafe is a network of retail outlets which provides ease of access and local presence Era Swap community


BuzCafe offers a marketplace where users can buy and sell services in a Peer to Peer mode by meeting up

Local Convenience

BuzCafe adds local convenience to Era Swap Community members by adding up retail stores accepting ES

Era Swap (ES) Utility

BuzCafe utilizes ES for buying and selling in P2P mode by meet-up between buyer and seller, adding real utility